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- We can express so much emotion through our bodies. But I really love using rigging to make expressive faces. It is fascinating to learn about how faces display emotions or ideas. There's so much detail in every expression. In our next exercise, we're gonna rig a snowman face. And we need some new deformers to do that. First, let's add a direction scale. A directional scale allows us to scale in just one direction. If you scale the hat using Scale Y, you'll get a taller hate that looks like a top hat. If you scale the face with Scale X, you will get a wider face. You also need shear deformers. Shear deformers are similar to directional scales, in the sense that they work in a specific direction. We also have our set of rotates, and translates, and scales, that we already used. Just as before, you should work rough to fine, with retaining the head to begin with. And then, translating and rotating the hat. Remember, the order of your deformers matters, to test your controls as you work. When you finish rigging the head, move on to the next lesson where you'll learn to write code to make your own character.