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Grade 6: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

369 preguntas22 habilidades


60 preguntas4 habilidades
Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.


37 preguntas2 habilidades
Understand the concept of a unit rate a/b associated with a ratio a:b with b ≠ 0, and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship.


69 preguntas5 habilidades
Make tables of equivalent ratios relating quantities with whole-number measurements, find missing values in the tables, and plot the pairs of values on the coordinate plane. Use tables to compare ratios.


69 preguntas4 habilidades
Solve unit rate problems including those involving unit pricing and constant speed.


144 preguntas8 habilidades
Find a percent of a quantity as a rate per 100 (e.g., 30% of a quantity means 30/100 times the quantity); solve problems involving finding the whole, given a part and the percent.


15 preguntas1 habilidad
Use ratio reasoning to convert measurement units; manipulate and transform units appropriately when multiplying or dividing quantities.